Strategic Construction Lien Solutions

Companies who are part of the construction industry often face significant risks. Relying on third-party contractors and other workers to fulfil obligations and meet deadlines can leave you in a precarious position. At MacDonald Associates, we understand how much is at stake.

We have extensive experience helping clients across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario to protect themselves from damage and losses, through our extensive knowledge of the Construction Act (CA) and applicable case law. We are committed to moving quickly and effectively to help mitigate serious consequences that may jeopardize your project's success.

Guiding You Through The Construction Lien Process

Placing a lien is a complex process. Under Ontario’s CA, any individual who contributes material or labour to a property is entitled to place a lien. Once a lien has been placed, a project can be stopped until the lien is satisfied.

At MacDonald Associates, we have a deep understanding of the lien registration and enforcement steps in Ontario. The legislation is unforgiving, making it critical to get things right the first time.

Procedure And Strategy Set Us Apart

We pride ourselves on staying up to date on changes to the legislation and industry advances to ensure that you receive the best possible legal advice. Whether you are placing a lien or have a lien against you, we can help. While we endeavour to find a solution, if that is not possible, we will vigorously advocate for you in court if necessary.

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