Employment Law: Effective Legal Advice For Employers And Employees

At MacDonald Associates, our legal team is here to help guide employers and employees on issues and disputes related to employment law. Whether it’s a claim for wrongful dismissal or reviewing a hiring contract, we support clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario by protecting their legal rights and financial interests.

What You Need To Know About Employment Law

Were you hired as a contractor or as an employee? What rights do you have if you feel your severance package is inadequate? There is legislation in place within Ontario that protects employees against wrongful terminations or inadequate notice or severance packages.

We also represent employers with it comes to wrongful dismissal claims, as well as drafting and reviewing employment contracts and human resources policies. Because of our unique position of experience on both sides of the table, we understand what it takes to reach a reasonable resolution to disputes for both parties.

Practical Advice You Can Trust

When it comes to employment law, you don’t want to waste your time. You want to have your issue resolved, and your needs looked after in a timely manner. So, when you come to us with your matter, we will give you honest advice and take a common-sense litigation approach to your case.

We’ll tell you how we can assist, and what options you have at your disposal. If you don’t have a case, we’ll tell you that as well.

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