Drafting And Reviewing Comprehensive Employment Contracts

When you sign an employment contract, it’s important that you fully understand its terms and conditions. Are you sure you are being hired as an employee, and not a contractor? Are there restrictive covenants or non-competition clauses? Does the company termination policy align with current legislation?

At MacDonald Associates, our employment lawyers will help you identify the correct answers to these questions. Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, we offer legal advice and assistance to both employers and employees regarding employment contracts.

Employers: Legal Guidance For Your Hiring Policies

As a business owner, do you have a proper hiring policy in place? Are your human resource policies compliant with Ontario’s anti-discriminatory laws and policies? Do you know how to properly terminate an employee?

Protect your rights and consult with the experienced employment lawyers at MacDonald Associates. We will assist you with creating legal, enforceable contracts that protect the goals of your business and reduce the risks of litigation.

Employees: What You Should Know Before Accept An Offer

Are you sure there aren’t any hidden restrictions? Is the resignation policy reasonable? What types of bonuses or incentives are you entitled to? Before you sign a contract, it’s important that you understand all of its provisions.

Our legal team will assist you with understanding the terms of your offer of employment. Especially for higher level executives, its important to know your legal rights if you wish to negotiate any terms that don’t suit your needs or goals.

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