Protecting Your Rights In A Residential Real Estate Dispute

A real estate transaction can be cancelled for many reasons – certain structural conditions were not disclosed, financing can collapse at the last second, or terms were not complied with. When a transaction is not going seamlessly, you want to make sure you know what your next move is before you lose out on your investment.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, MacDonald Associates will identify the legal options you have at your disposal when a real estate dispute arises. Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, our goal is to reduce the financial consequences you may face when a deal is terminated.

Protect Your Investment With Skilled Legal Representation

Real estate transactions are one of the most important decisions people make in their lives. Our real estate litigation lawyers will identify how you can reduce the consequences you face, what legal claims you have against the other party, and how to pursue a resolution that protects your interests.

Over 15 Years Of Real Estate Dispute Experience

Buying or selling a home should be an exciting time for individuals and families. At MacDonald Associates, we know real estate law, and how to apply it to your situation. We will help you reduce the burden of finding a way to protect your investment in any real estate dispute through skilled negotiation techniques.

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